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Bringing behavioral health agencies to the forefront of analytics

about us

Agil Advisers partners with behavioral health agencies to bring them to the forefront of analytics. Our goal is to bring our expertise and knowledge to agencies at an entry point far below what is considered the norm for the industry. This will allow our partners to reap the benefits of advanced analytical insights while reducing the investment needed.

About Us

Connect all data sources for easy access and consumption.

CRM, ERP, Order Management, HR systems, and Finance are just a few.

Ask yourself: How much time would you save connecting all these systems into one repository?


Visualize, Analyze, and Act. The Agil team has and continues to work with all analytics tools to create a story with your business data.


Data integration

Application integration

Data enrichment


Data assets growth and value is clear. The need to govern availability, usability, consistency, and integrity cannot be underestimated and Agil can help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements




Meet Your Team

Erick Dameron,

Critical Thinker >

  • Critical Thinker, always questioning how things are and if they can be better

  • Challenges the status quo

  • Excels at applying analytics to business needs

  • Wide scope of experience

  • Believes in developing that make the most of the resources available

  • Team oriented

Ben Jendrick,
Vice President

Puzzle Master >

original (1).png
  • Puzzle master

  • Figure things out that don’t seem able to automate

  • 20 years database management experience

  • End-to-end solution designer

  • Technology agnostic

  • Easiest, fastest, cheapest, that satisifies the need

  • “We’ve always done it that way”... “Why?”

Alex Alonzo,
Chief Solutions Architect

Problem Solver >

  • Problem solver

  • Programming and history geek

  • Database designer/administrator

  • Website designer/administrator

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